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I don't want to stop drinking completely, but I want to be able to drink less often. Is this possible?

I don't want to stop drinking completely, but I want to be able to drink less often. Get rid of the drinking that is mostly everyday boredom and enjoy it more on festive occasions. Do you think it is possible to use your tips and knowledge in my case?

Thank you!

What should I do to feel good?

In this video I answer the following question:

I simply know how to get out of this. It is like an incredibly tangled shoelace of emotions. Alcohol, 2 children, partner, tiredness, worry, anxiety, lies, creeping at the same time, I have to function. My father killed himself when I was 22. He had huge problems with alcohol. Saw a lot of shit there that is inside me. I am 48 years old now and have wanted to numb my emotions throughout my adult life in one way or another. This I write probably sounds messy, but that's how it is in my head, I don't know what to do to feel good. I haven't felt good and happy since I was a child. Just a little cry for help.

I drink because of anxiety


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Hello, sir! Thank you for sharing your wise insights. My question seems a bit complicated and maybe not fully thought out yet, but anyway, here it is: I never drink so that I get drunk in the way that I get blackouts or do stupid things that I later regret. It's more "cozy drinking" and then usually wine. It just gets a little too often, lately several times a week. I have realized that I am probably self-medicating because I have always lived with quite a lot of anxiety, since childhood, and it is anxiety that drives me to go into the company at all and buy a bottle of wine. It may sound strange, but I don't think I'm addicted to alcohol but to numbing my anxiety. I used to go out in the woods and run instead, but since about fifteen years ago I have problems with nerves in my back and can't do that. Do you have any tips on how to motivate me to choose a different path?

Help! I still have nightmares about drinking, one year later

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I have been free from alcohol for a year now. I used to drink very much almost every day. So grateful! But... I dream every night that I'm drinking. I sometimes wake up with a severe hangover and it takes several hours before the feeling goes away. They are always nightmares and never associated with pleasure. Do you have any tips? It's hard to feel this way at night.

Will I ever feel comfortable around others who drink?

Whenever I am with others who drink, I feel incredibly uncomfortable and stressed. Will this feeling ever go away?

How to deal with the feeling of "FOMO", or Fear Of Missing Out?

In this video I answer the following (incredibly common!) question from an anonymous person:

Hello!!! I can certainly see all the benefits of living alcohol-free, but I must admit that the idea of never drinking again feels a bit sad to me even though I certainly understand all the reasons why I should. I guess it sounds a bit crazy because who would mourn the loss of a poison that has ruined my life and health? But I remember it as a good friend for a while.

How do I deal with cravings when I stop drinking?

I outline four key points to consider when dealing with the alcohol cravings that can arise when you stop drinking.

How do I talk to my partner who I suspect is drinking too much?

I answer the question of how to raise suspicions that your partner is drinking too much.

When does stopping drinking make me feel better?

In this video, I answer the question of when you start feeling better when you stop drinking alcohol and what the difference is between stopping drinking the "traditional" way and using the philosophy I advocate.

How will my social life be affected if I stop drinking?

In this video, I answer the question of whether and how quitting alcohol affects your social life.