Find meaning and satisfaction in life by drinking less
- without feeling deprived!

With tailor-made personal coaching, based on a new methodology, I help to high-achieving men to appreciate life without alcohol.

Tell me more!

How would you feel if alcohol was small and irrelevant in your life?

Let me guess, you're here because...

  • You feel stuck
  • You have tried to quit or moderate your drinking but have not been successful
  • You want to stop drinking but are afraid of feeling left out or losing your friends
  • You know that you should change, but don't know where to start
  • You are afraid of what it would mean if you were forced to call yourself an "alcoholic"
  • You know in your heart that you are capable of so much more
  • You suspect that there must be a deeper meaning to life

I get it,
I was there too!

If you are like me:

  • You are a smart and successful person
  • You prioritize taking care of yourself and your health
  • You have ambition, drive and a strong desire to grow and develop yourself
  • You feel that you have been successful in most parts of life but not this
  • You want to change your drinking habits, but can't imagine a life without alcohol
  • You dream of more freedom, joy and gratitude in life, but don't know how to get there

Now for the good news

My personal coaching program is designed to give you exactly this

I have helped hundreds of people move forward on their journey towards changing their relationship with alcohol. You can read about some of their experiences below.

Whether you've tried to stop drinking many times, or this is your first time, I'm here to help. Coaching with me is not about willpower, or even stopping drinking. It's about changing the way you view the role of alcohol in your life and creating new perspectives. About starting to focus more on yourself and what you want deep down.

If you do this, the feeling of not wanting to drink becomes your default state. Indeed, in order to succeed in making alcohol small and irrelevant in your life, this is exactly the attitude you need to cultivate. Let's do it together!

Ready to talk? No pressure, book a 30-minute get-to-know-you call using the button below, and let's see if we're a good fit for each other. I will do everything I can to help you during this call and if it feels good for both of us, we'll take it from there.

What my clients say

Who am I?

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Hello, Marcus here!

I left a successful IT career to become a certified life coach with a focus on helping people live richer and more fulfilling lives. My personal journey to stop drinking started a few years ago on my birthday. I never reached a "rock bottom", no divorce, and had not been fired from my job. I just had a strong inner feeling that there must be more to life than the constant cycle of desire and shame. Life had not always been like this. I was puzzled by the paradox of the mind wanting one thing one moment and the opposite the next.

With the help of This Naked Mind I learned to 'unlearn'. To get rid of old beliefs about the benefits of alcohol. One such belief is that quitting alcohol is difficult, almost impossible. It's not. It just takes an open mind and a willingness to change, to allow yourself to be wrong. This is where I found my freedom and now I want to help you do the same. Whether you want to stop completely or just cut back is up to you. Through this method, you can find freedom either way.

Some frequently asked questions

What is coaching?

Coaching is transformation - Every session has the potential to be life-changing. Coaching is about helping someone find their own inner guide and wisdom. More concretely, this is done by creating a space for change, which to 100% is about you as a client. I as a coach will be your guide and show you what is possible in your life, by asking powerful questions and listening, from a place of openness and non-judgment.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

In coaching, we try to focus on looking forward and seeing what is possible. Your past is not irrelevant, but from my perspective as a coach, the important thing is to help you see what "baggage" you are carrying and how it affects the way you look at the future.

Can I get help even if I am not an alcoholic?

No matter how you define yourself, you can get help. My opinion is that the term "alcoholism" is not in any way helpful but quite the opposite. That it only serves to compartmentalize people and that its only purpose is to create an "us and them" mentality. I have made a page about this which can be found at here if you want to read more.

Do I have to stop drinking forever?

What your goal is with the coaching is entirely up to you. The important thing is to focus on how you want to feel. My goal is for you to find your freedom, then you decide what that means for you.

Can I get help for problems other than alcohol-related ones?

My view is that a problematic relationship with alcohol is just a symptom - a natural result of human suffering, which can take many different forms. I want to look beyond the symptoms and focus on how you relate to your thoughts and feelings. Only then can you start creating a life you don't want to escape from. In other words, I will help you no matter what problem you think you have.

How much does it cost?

This is, of course, a very common question. But unfortunately there is no straightforward answer to it. The reason is that there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to coaching. I customize all programs based on the client's individual needs. That's why it's so important that we get to know each other a bit before we move on to talking about money. Before I decide if I want to coach someone, I want to know for sure that I can help that person and I want both of us to feel that way. This is why I offer one and sometimes two free calls before we decide to work together.